Sunday, July 22, 2012

Israeli war threats have smell of psyops

Source: Press TV

With four American carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf, a full fighter wing in Kuwait and the unannounced possibility of long range bombers in Diego Garcia, there is an undeniable move toward an attack against Iran.

All the forces are American with rumors of Israeli planes in Azerbaijan or Georgia, rumors that have the smell of a “psyop” or psychological operation more than reality.

The military reality, one pundits and activists ignore is that, when the first Israeli plane takes off from Azerbaijan, more likely “if,” the Iranian flag will be flying over Baku within 48 hours.

There is no military sufficient to secure Azerbaijan and Russian interference in a conflict that was not sanctioned by all five permanent members of the United Nations security council, a virtual impossibility after we saw two vetoes stopping action against Syria only a short time ago, a “turn around” by China and Russia would cost both governments all international credibility.
Moreover, despite the “drum beating” being done by Netanyahu, his attempts to put an Iranian face on a very suspiciously timed attack in Bulgaria, Netanyahu “jumping the gun” and “showing his hand,” the hand of a potential “false flag” terrorist, just isn’t going to fly.
Going further, this is an election year in America. No one outside the US understands American politics, the duplicity, the Israeli games which oddly differ from the loyalties and voting habits of America’s Jewish population.

Though Israel has bought all Republicans in Congress, the opposition party, and a small core of Democrats, enough to sabotage needed financial regulation, social welfare programs and even handed international relations, and, this is the best part, though Republicans have sworn a full scale war against Iran, were Obama to stage an attack, even with a more major “false flag” provocation, and the warnings are out for exactly that, Republicans would turn on Obama in defense of Iran.

All that matters is power. It is generally assumed that the Americans, Canadians, Germans and British people are subject to press fabrication and government sponsored false flag terror. The last twelve years has proven this beyond a doubt.
Nuclear free Middle East
There are only two leaders in the world, of major powers at least, where there had been any expectation of leadership and honor and those have been Obama and Putin.

The issue is clear and always has been. If Israel can have nuclear weapons to protect themselves from invasion by hostile neighbors, then any country can or there has to be a formal understanding of a guaranteed “nuke free zone” that includes established borders and set formulas for addressing social change.
One of the greatest problems has been the rhetoric from activists, sometimes from the left or claiming to be and the very significant penetration of security services in regional NGOs and the press.

The reality is as it has been since the days of Alexander, entirely military. Let’s look at a few realities of that type since the ideas of who sides with whom during times of political fluidity simply don’t exist.
In the case of Iran, there have been no allies offering military defense, none capable of guaranteeing safe “flanks” or willing or able to place military forces behind implied friendship.
This is where we enter a new realm. When I see Putin with Netanyahu talking about Iran’s “nuclear program” while well aware that Russian technicians are onsite and totally cognizant that no weapons program exists, his own position as supposed ruler of Russia comes into question.

Though statements from both Obama and Putin are mitigated by claims of a desire for diplomatic solution, neither have faced the obvious injustice of a nuclear armed Israel, the injustice of sanctions without proof and both have been more than willing to repeat the lies of Netanyahu which are totally at odds with the hard proof of science, that Iran has no nuclear program.

Moreover, no regional leader, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, has said a single word about Israel’s illegal nuclear arsenal and how its presence makes the statements of others seem hollow, duplicitous and insane.
In all honesty, I feel it necessary to point out that all are puppets it seems, including the Americans and Russians.
As for the EU, there is no realistic expectation of reality from their hands.
The approach to war
We have no doubt. It is obvious to everyone in the military and intelligence community that Israeli agents and “terrorist groups” under their control are seeking a perfect date for an attack that has to kill hundreds or thousands.
It is simple.
Politics demand an iconic attack, inside the US or Britain, something involving mass destruction, something that will stir fear in the public, that will draw on the orchestrated press.

We are waiting for murder. We have seen it before and, though it is never reported to the press or spoken of with honesty, every major terror attack blamed on “Al Qaeda” was foreseen by the FBI or CIA, all tied to secret White House operations and movements of “cells” that were clumsy, obvious, almost like a cheap carnival.

We are expecting another cheap Israeli carnival, mass murder, iconic destruction, questions silenced, investigations quashed, magical passports and drivers licenses floating from the air and fingers pointed at Iran.
Bulgaria was simply a bungled version of this.

We still mourn the lives of the dead and the fact that their loved ones will never be able to trust what their own government tells them. Netanyahu will sit on the couch, drink tea, hug the families of the victims, all the while with blood on his hands, as he has done so many times before.

The real shame
None of this has anything to do with Iran or Israel. “The markets” require a war. Those of us who examine the real agendas that members of the press seldom see note the actions of invisible hands, actions without reason, enmity without contact, conflict without purpose.
There is so much need for trade and cooperation with Israel the big winner, were it not to have chosen a role 60 years ago that no longer serves its own economy and people.
Fairness demands criticism for many. The real crime always comes back to what those of the left call “imperialism” though they often miss some of the players.
Military reality
Iran does not have an advanced military capability by American standards. Other than nuclear, even Russia and China’s military are considered primitive, even when both sides meet as friends, something that happens often but not so publicly.

Iran, however, can dominate sea lanes with missiles, can defend its coasts, can make land war an nightmare beyond imagination and can reach out and touch, not just oil, but the nuclear bomb plants of Dimona.
Iran has teeth.

I look at Putin and Obama. Both have the power, the prestige and authority to end this stalemate, yet they choose not to.
They are profiting by it, but how?
What is being hidden from us that a war that can never be fought, never be won, a war that will never be sanctioned, can’t be paid for is preparing to be fought?
I look at the names and faces of those around Putin and Obama and I wonder about the unseen hand.

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