Monday, April 16, 2012

Thousands of Pakistanis attend anti-US rally

Source: Press TV

An alliance of around two dozen political parties gathered in the Pakistani city of Peshawar on Sunday for a demonstration against the United States.

The parties resolved to launch a movement to push the Pakistani government to cut off its ties with the U.S.

Thousands of activists and supporters from various Pakistani parties turned up at the Defense of Pakistan Council Conference, waving flags for their respective parties.

Pakistan's parliament recently unanimously approved new guidelines for the country in its troubled relationship with the U.S., a decision that could pave the way for the reopening of supply lines to U.S.-led troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

The strategic routes have been closed down since last November, when a U.S. airstrike left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead.

The party chiefs at the rally were unequivocal in their condemnation of the U.S., lashing out at the Pakistani government as well for following the American line. AP


Killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers back in November sparked the worst diplomatic crisis between Islamabad and Washington over the past decades.

Pentagon claims the soldiers were killed because of firing at a U.S. helicopter. However, Islamabad has firmly rejected the claim, saying the attack was premeditated.

The attack prompted Pakistani officials to close a U.S. base in the country which was used for carrying out assassination drone strikes in northwestern tribal regions. Pakistan has also shut down a key supply line for U.S.-led in Afghanistan.

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