Saturday, November 19, 2011

UK meets Syrian rebels, fuels unrest

Source: Press TV

British Foreign Secretary William Hague is to hold talks with Syrian rebel leaders in London on Monday as the Syrian people condemn foreign intervention in their country's affairs.

"The foreign secretary is meeting with the Syrian opposition," a spokeswoman for Britain's Foreign Office told AFP as other government officials have reportedly planned meetings with Syria's opposition figures.

Furthermore, it emerged that the British government has been engaged in a series of behind-the-scenes contacts with Syrian rebel leaders from the Syrian National Council and the National Co-ordination Committee for Democratic Change over the past months.

“We have had regular contacts with various figures in the Syrian opposition for several months. We are now intensifying these [contacts],” admitted the spokeswoman.

Although Hague has no plans to give the Syrian rebels official recognition, he has appointed Frances Guy, a former ambassador to Beirut, to organize British officials' meetings with exiled Syrian rebel leaders securing the British government an organized intervention in Syria's internal affairs.

Hague's meeting with Syrian rebel leaders comes as thousands of Syrian people have already condemned foreign intervention in their country's internal affairs.

Syria's unrest, which started with people demanding a series of political reforms, turned violent resulting in hundreds of security forces and civilian people being killed.

The Syrian government has blamed foreign-supplied armed gangs and Western countries for orchestrating the unrest.

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