Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haiti cholera death toll nears 3,000

Cholera death toll has risen to some 3,000 in Haiti

Source: Press TV

Haiti's cholera death toll has risen to 2,901 and official figures show that the daily number of fatalities has hit a record high since the beginning of the outbreak in October.

The confirmed number of cholera deaths on December 19 was just under 100, Haitian health ministry declared.

The disease has also affected over 128,000 people in the country.

There is also a growing concern in the bordering countries about the consequences of Haiti's cholera outbreak.

Experts from the World Health Organization have warned that the number of the infected people may rise to 400,000 within the coming months.

To tackle the outbreak of cholera, there is a need for more than $160 million over the next year, the United Nations said.

Haiti is simultaneously striving to muddle through the aftermath of a recent earthquake that killed over 250,000 people in January.

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