Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Security Council Will Vote Against Morality and Corporate Media Wont Cover it?!

By: Stewart Brennan
2009 September 20th

I’m left wondering what is yet to come, as I turn on the autocratic news channels where flashes of War, Disease, Poverty, Famine, and the latest laws that push for a Police State are there to greet my mind and sting my soul. I am wanting, for an end to it. I thought we all wanted the same thing…to live our lives peaceably with everyone else. But it seems our government’s do not believe in peace and must make our lives miserable so they can experience the power they were never elected for.

TV News Stations are in collusion with their content controlling advertisers to Viciously program the viewers with creations of fallacy by skillfully choosing images, and videos, with a poisonous script to propagate our minds and souls with lobbyist lies…approved by a crumbling economic empire once thought to be moral, now only concerned with survival of its vile and evil purpose; “A New World Order”.

To speak out against the New World Order and its supporters is to be labeled an enemy, a traitor, a racist, or a holocaust denier. This type of barking reply is comparative to a rabid dog foaming at the mouth ready to attack you. It is fascist in nature because there is no free speech unless you support their singular Nationalist agenda.

World wide, Politicians have reduced their communication with the people to vile trickery. Political puppets pledge allegiance to the corporate lobby groups, and cast their citizens into the furnace of war, poverty and police state while stating it is the right thing to do. Are we the people, to lose another generation to War, while we watch Moral Values, and human rights put to death one at a time?

Programmed Western News robots bark and vomit the bile dreamt up in an office on top of some building that furthers the immediate profits of their corporate Weapons companies. The news of the past days, builds a scripted enemy that was graciously provided by lobby groups, corporations, and backed by their puppets in politics.

Our way of life has been under the microscope for a long time. Don’t you kid yourselves. They tell us what to eat, what to drink, that we need insurance, and that we need to spend our money now. They tell us who to trust and who to hate. They tell us what is good and what is bad.

They know what lies we will believe because they tell us what to believe, and so they manipulate and bait us by programming. Today’s news bears what you must believe because to believe otherwise would be to side with the enemy. Are you not patriotic?

Well I say, “I am patriotic to the human race, not vitriolic towards any part of it.” They should take a page out of my book!

Humanity Under Attack:

Good moral values are under attack daily by the Banks, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical Conglomerates, and Weapons Cartels, through lobby groups that control our Governments and Entertainment News.

The time to change things is NOW!

On September 15th 2009, UN Investigator, Judge Richard Goldstone concluded that Israel did indeed commit War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity for their monstrous attack on the people of Gaza in December 2008 through January 2009. The siege of Gaza by Israel is STILL ongoing!

Interview with Judge Richard Goldstone

The United Nations will meet this coming week, where the five Permanent members of the “Security Council” (The USA, Britain, France, China, & Russia) will vote on sending this case to the International Criminal Court of Justice.

UN Security Council

Dictatorship by the Security Council:

The recent political moves by US President Barack Obama, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggest that neither the US or Britain are in favor of sending Israel to face War Crimes charges and will use their veto power to side with Israel and deny a War Crimes Trial to take place.

If this scenario plays out, or the Security Council votes against sending Israel to the International Criminal Court of Justice, then the World will have abandoned the moral principals set down by the Nuremberg trials after World War two. In short, it will be as if the Security Council pardoned the NAZI’S from the atrocities they committed during World War two.

Don’t expect the Western News media to report on this important topic or fight for what is right, because they are controlled by the same lobby groups who own the corporate sponsors as well as their puppet politicians. We already know where they stand and whom they support. They sure do not support moral values.

UN Foundation:

The foundation for the United Nations to even exist in the first place is based on the outcome of World War 2 and the desire to end aggressive War permanently. The Nuremberg trials were a testament to that fact with higher moral ideals adopted as the governing principals.

The United Nations


It is imperative that we the people make this known to ALL members of the UN. If the Security Council does NOT send Israel to The Hague to face War Crimes Charges, then this will send the wrong signal to the World and the United Nations charter will disintegrate and no longer apply to any member state. It will ultimately unravel the last true World forum of Peace, Hope and Cooperation amongst nations.

Israel must be sent to “The Hague” to face charges for War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity or we will no longer have a United Nations or UN Charter that guarantees equality for “ALL NATIONS”. Don’t let the Security Council vote against morality.

The peace of the World is at stake! Send a letter of reprimand to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the High Commissioner for Human Rights “Navi Pillay”. Please urge your president, prime minister, king or what ever title they go by, to push for this War Crimes Trial against Israel! The future for your children and / or grand children depends on it!

United Nations

Stewart Brennan

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