Sunday, March 22, 2009

JDL Dictates Political Policy in Canada and Bans British MP George Galloway

I was brought up to support and defend human rights and moral values that Canadians and my Country of Canada once stood tall and proud for. I still believe in those Peacekeeping values and that is why I felt compelled to speak out here.

For the last four years, the Canadian people have been left wondering what has happened to the leadership in this Country. A great country where Angry fear mongering Lobby groups have become the voice of our puppet government, where hatred, fear mongering, and horrendous accusations have become the voice of Parliament. They don’t even stand up for Canadians in peril abroad anymore.

That is why I believe it is imperative for Canadians to take back this great Country of ours from the angry hate groups and lobby groups like the Zionist JDL (Jewish Defense League) Most of you are aware of the Neo Nazi’s but may not be aware of the JDL. The JDL are at the very heart of what has sickened this great Country of ours.

The JDL are a vicious political Israeli Zionist lobby group that are every bit as evil and determined as the Nazi’s of World War 2. They do not represent the Jewish community of Canada. They represent Israel’s violent political agenda and are in political control of Canada behind the scenes.

The leader of the JDL, Meir Weinstein, has an agenda to control and eliminate Canada’s freedom of speech through censorship and false accusations and labeling of people as terrorists or anti Semitic. His recent political strong-arming of the Canadian Government to ban British MP George Galloway from entering the Country is an open attack on human rights and freedoms. Something I take very seriously as should many of you.

The fact that Weinstein convinced PM Steven Harper that British MP George Galloway should be banned from entering Canada because Weinstein labeled him a terrorist supporter is OUTRAGEOUS! Not only should Harper apologize publicly for this gross insult but also Weinstein and his JDL should be investigated for subversion, insurrection, malice and treason for their aggressive attacks on minority groups in Canada! I ask everyone out there to investigate this group for your selves and if you come to the same conclusion, please join me in removing this group’s ability to create fear mongering, censorship, and racial discrimination! Do not let them continue to dictate Canadian policy!

My father was a member of the Black Watch in the Canadian Armed Forces during WW2. He fought to end tyranny not to have it spring up in our Country by Political Lobby groups like the JDL.

Please sign the petition:

Let George Galloway Speak!

Stewart B.

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  1. Hm, if you look at the Weinstein's list of facebook groups it appears he *still* belongs to the group מוות לערבים which is Hebrew for "Death to the Arabs".


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