Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Steven Harper Must GO!

Photo By: Stewart Brennan

The recent events that have transpired in Canadian Politics has left me in an extremely angry mood, ripe with hostility and ready to take an extremely angry stand against the Conservative government and Steven Harper. The insulting attack’s he aimed at the opposition parties these past days reflects his true feelings towards the majority of the Canadian people.

When Harper shouted obscenities in the House of Commons about socialists and separatists conspiring to kill Canada, he was really shouting insults at 65% of the Canadian people who did not vote for his Conservative Party. These fear mongering tactics have been seen more recently in the USA and in particular with George Bush’s Cabinet where fear mongering is the Conservative way. I swear I heard Stephen Harper allude to “Your either with us or against us!” Well I’ve had quite enough of this type of CRAP.

It seems to me that Steven Harper and the Conservatives are intent on destroying Canada by trying to suspend government at the most crucial of economic times by asking the Governor General to Prorogue the House of Commons.

I call on the Governor General to refuse Steven Harper’s request to Prorogue government and ask that Michaelle Jean allow our Canadian system of democracy to run its course. IF that means a vote of Non – Confidence, then so be it! Allow the coalition to govern afterwards so that Canadians will have someone steering the ship during this economic nightmare!

Did anybody notice all the fear mongering out of Harpers mouth? Harper has rekindled a constitutional crises and set up divisions between Canadians. HOW DARE HE! A continuation of this course will only result in the destruction in the foundation of our Country. Canada voted but did not give you a majority Mr. Harper because they do not trust you, and rightly so. Its time for you to GO!

Stewart Brennan
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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