Friday, November 23, 2007

Stephen Harper Throws Out Pakistan

Why has Stephen Harper continued his ongoing irresponsible roll and thrown out Pakistan from the Commonwealth? The audacity of this bast%@$*! There are proper channels to run by and patience & diplomacy are required, not a Texas style lynching. I suspect that the Americans have told Stephen Harper to use his authority on the Commonwealth committee to kick Pakistan out of the Commonwealth of Nations, for their continued military presence in the region.

Stephen Harper has changed Canada’s position in the World to one of Militaristic rather than peace. He is playing a dangerous game with the lives of our children!! My Canada does not go to War because George Bush or Stephen Harper says so. The people of the World all want the same things as Canadians, to live their lives comfortably in peace.

Tossing out a nation from the commonwealth does not affect only one man (Musharaff) it affects all the people of that nation!!!! This is not something that Canadians practice; it is an American Bullying tactic. Harper is incompetent and has shown that he is a Warmonger! Its time to bring the troops home and kick Harper and his band of lawyers out of Ottawa. Lawyers have no business in other people’s affairs!! Especially foreign affairs! Canadian’s cannot allow this bush collaborator to continue in his position. I call on the Canadian Parliament to hold a non-confidence vote on Harpers Actions! In fact I demand it!!!

Stewart Brennan
Montreal, Canada

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