Thursday, August 2, 2007

A New Political Party

August 2nd, 2007

By: Stewart Brennan

A New Political Party is Needed

Politicians in the USA have no reason to bicker and complain about issues of Health Care and Education because these issues are considered by many advanced Nations as fundamental human rights. What American’s are purposefully not being told by their politicians is that if your Government, regardless of political Party, decided to concentrate on freedoms for its own people, they would have Free Health Care, and Free Schooling. These freedoms and human rights are already covered by the existing taxes that you currently pay, but you are not receiving them.

Government, News Media, and Corporations with greedy agenda’s have fed Americans confusing and conflicting information, to fool you into believing that it is not economically possible. Constructive dialog cannot be achieved with the direction the two party system is taking you. Think about the eleven points below and then take political action. Run for office in a new political party, a third choice for Americans that are tired of all the bull. Call it the “United Party”.

Here is a list of things that the United Party would change or create for all Americans in a possible order list.

1. Inform the United Nations of a withdrawal from Iraq over a 6-month time frame. Cooperate with the International Criminal Court of Justice by making documents or any form of recorded material available to the prosecutors for a War crimes Trial against the Bush Administration. Serve a court order to close the Council of Foreign Relations and include their members in a vast investigation for “War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity”.

2. Abolish personal income tax returns to the IRS, because it is unconstitutional. Investigate the Federal Reserve Board Directors and its Chairperson for treason against the American people and the rest of humanity. Invoke measures for Corporations to make their books public once a government auditor reviews their books, which would be conducted on a yearly basis. Regulate the taxes corporations pay the government.

3. Remove the insurance companies strangle hold on the American population by removing them completely from the health care system. They’re only involvement would be for, “Death Benefits” and prescription drugs.

4. Reform the “Health Care” system and tie it to Human Rights. (When the insurance companies are removed from health care, all the red tape will disappear and wait times will be reduced drastically.) Health care workers and administration officials would be freed up from a paperwork nightmare to practice what they do. Health care would be State run with the system receiving federal funding through existing taxes.

5. Hold a conference on global Warming and sign on to reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce pollution of every type by efficient management of natural resources. Create a Federal institution that commits our best and brightest to new and or realistic solutions to combating pollution from the corporate sector. Fund the State run programs to feed the Central Federal organisation. The same group would also recommend solutions to business on how to efficiently make the change over in technology, packaging, farming solutions, and efficient housing regulations. The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) would also be merged within this group. The Federal Institution would also share vital information with the United Nations so that important discoveries could be shared and implemented by member UN states provided the same system is in place within their countries. I.e.; push for a UN resolution on centralizing information by its body. (This would further empower a Collective World Community to move forward together.)

6. Create an education system that is available to all Americans including College and University. Education should not be a privilege for the rich only, but a fundamental right for all Americans, equally. Schools would not be allowed to regulate tuition fees. Each state would run a school program that would receive funding by the federal government. If a school decides that it wants to become private, then it would not receive federal funding but would be allowed to continue on its own. Existing taxes already pay for this program.

7. I would also restrict lawsuits that are designed to sue for personal gain. As an example, there would be a no fault insurance plan for automobiles. Lawsuits have bogged the courts down and suppressed freedoms and liberties of the American People. Example, suing for $,$$$,$$$ because a dry cleaner did not remove a spot on a pair of pants. Those who make charges that are judged by the court to be unfounded will then automatically be ordered to pay the defendants court costs. (Thus eliminating the many thousands of lawsuits that infringe on the rights of American citizens and also eliminating counter suits.

8. Prevent collusion of news media’s and mediums. Allow medium editors a platform for free speech and accuracy in reporting. The American people should not be controlled through propaganda that is placed by special interest groups.

9. Remove the rights of secret societies from operating within the USA. Heed the words of John F. Kennedy on this very same issue.

10. Remove the Cold War American military machine that has become Corporate America’s personal tool. Scale back the American military presence within other sovereign nations and bring them home for retraining on national emergencies, such as rebuilding the homes of victims of disastrous weather events like Hurricane Katrina.

11. Create a family allowance so that children in the USA do not live in poverty. The allowance would be a federal and state allowance, which would be indexed to the poverty line. The lower a family is, on the poverty scale, the more a family would receive to a set maximum so that children might live with the basic needs guaranteed by human rights. The State & Federal System would also be based on the number of children in a family unit. The existing taxes that Americans pay to the government, already cover this human right also.

Once these eleven points are introduced and are in place working for the citizens of the United States, fear would no longer drive its society and the American people would be truly free and have its intended Freedom envisioned by its founding fathers in place. The truth will set you free. Embrace love not fear.

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