Monday, May 6, 2013

It’s Time to Remove the Psychopaths that are Destroying the World

Video Source: GRTV YouTube

Psychopathy in Politics and Finance - Stefan Verstappen on GRTV

Written Comment By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

Recently, I’ve struggled to make sense of the Geo-Political trends around me as every step taken by western governments and their vassal states borders on insanity, while sinking the world a little deeper into the pits of hell. The struggle I'm going through, is brought on by the need to make sense of the endless amount of negative news and political posturing, understanding full well, that western positions are knowingly made on false presumptions. But what gives this sense of despair its sharp and painful teeth, is that I’ve also noticed most everyone in the west is cheering the march towards our mutual destruction without thinking of their moral responsibility, not using their common sense, or employing empathy for life.
To a person like myself who’s foundations are built by common sense, empathy and respect, I find myself feeling hopeless by the nefarious path western leaders are taking the world. It’s extremely depressing as I can see there’s no way back short of a massive enlightenment and revolution, and the population is blindly following their government leaving me feeling isolated in my thinking.

That is why I consider this interview with Stefan Verstappen by James Corbett to be very timely and inspirational. The message inspires hope for like-minded souls by the words “you are not alone in your thinking” because truly, the establishment HAS gone insane and I’m not the only one who has noticed.

Action / Reaction

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are guilty now and then of temporary insanity from our own vitriolic verbal reactions to injustice, even when our belief is for moral justice to prevail. This verbal reaction can be strong enough to be viewed by critics as being of the same behavioural characteristic as a psychopath’s…but in terms of being psychopathic, it really depends on action and intent rather than verbal reaction to injustice. IE: Being angry is a normal reaction to injustice, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Visual Influences

Verbal anger expressed by the individual is based on the never-ending violence and immoral actions committed by a psychopathic establishment. Anger is a symptom of this mental torture that is widely displayed through Mainstream News and social mediums. Most of us have been so saturated with negative acts, wrong doings, and the establishments self justification for their corruption, that anger comes out as a response to usher in justice while also stating that we’ve had enough. The experience can be likened to the feelings of being on a mediaeval rack that has stretched us out as far is it can possibly go without breaking us, leaving us in constant pain…so screaming loudly is going to be an obvious reaction.

Who could not be outraged by all the evil being committed by the establishment through state and economic terrorism, especially when it is done in your name? Those in control of society are most definitely psychopaths and those that echo the psychopaths' sentiments are just as guilty for feeding their nefarious actions that come as a result.

Screaming for justice and disassociation from these evil minded psychopaths and their aspirations of global domination is all we have left as individuals in a world that has become infected by greed. All that people really want is a World based in morality, common sense, and empathy where we can all live and thrive together without fear of the psychopath or their enabling followers…Peace is something that a psychopath is incapable of thinking of or creating, so its time to rid ourselves of these animals and their system of governance.

Problem / Solution

The real enemy of mankind are the Psychopaths that run the planet. These animals are a cancer to society and that cancer has spread throughout the World to every nation. It’s time to stop feeding this cancer by not taking part in their system. Stop feeding these monsters with praise, stop building up their moral by asking for jobs in their system of enslavement. De-fund them. Do not partake in their debt slavery; start living outside of their system.

It’s time to create the World you want to live in, even while the Psychopaths try to burn the World down around you. Keep your spirit free from their negative influences and create positive energy. Live your life in full empathy for others. Use common sense and moral judgement and give of yourself to others to start this reversal of trends. I guarantee that you will be the first person to feel the positive energy of your actions. Understand that everyone is on that same mediaeval torture rack as you are, so shift your thinking and making someone on the rack next to you smile…start sharing the positive energy by giving to others without expectation…let go of your fears and stop feeding the greedy system. It’s time to evolve past the psychopaths and their system of control.

Stewart Brennan

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  1. Thank you for doing this video. The people are starting to wake up. I am a targeted individual and obviously this targeting was invented by psychopaths and run by psychopaths. I am sure that congress and senate and president know about it but they deny it. They will have to be shamed into addressing the issue.


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