Monday, October 15, 2012

EU bans import of Iranian gas to European countries – German FM

Nouri Petrochemical facilities of the South Pars gas field in the southern Iranian port of Assaluyeh (AFP Photo / Atta Kenare)

Source: Press TV

EU governments have agreed to one of the toughest sets of sanctions against Iran's nuclear program. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has announced the EU is banning the import of Iranian natural gas into European Union countries.

The set of sanctions also includes a ban on financial transactions between European and Iranian banks, with some exceptions for those involving humanitarian aid, food, and medicine purchases.

"The [EU] Council has agreed additional restrictive measures in the financial, trade, energy and transport sectors, as well as additional designations, notably of entities active in the oil and gas industry," a written statement issued by the European Union council said.

Further export restrictions were imposed on graphite, metals, and software for industrial processes. Restrictive measures were also made relating to Iran's ship building industry.

The move is aimed at putting pressure on Iran to cooperate in talks regarding its nuclear program.

Prior to Monday’s meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said new sanctions would be "a sign of our resolve in the European Union that we will step up the pressure."

The US and its allies have long accused Iran of using its nuclear program to develop atomic weapons, although Tehran says the program is solely for peaceful purposes.


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  1. In the short term, the EU’S adding more sanctions on Iran is designed to put more pressure on the Iranian currency and cause internal strife and unrest directed towards the ruling Theocracy. The result will backfire on the EU because the majority of Iranian people are in solidarity with their government. In the EU, people rely on gas for heating…but since Russia is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of gas, the EU establishment will play this dependency card and politicize this down the road when Russia will have to take Iran’s side because of Western military encroachment…

    The people of the EU will not go to war, but if Russia turns off their gas later on due to Western moves on Syria and Iran, the propaganda will be directed to show that Russia and Iran are trying to harm Europeans by turning off the gas. The plutocracy is banking on a shift in attitude by their people to go to war…I don’t believe it will work but one never knows how cold starving people will react…things like this are always meant for actions down the road…there is always an immediate and obvious reaction to political and economic actions but the deeper reason behind these actions is hidden in plans that are crafted for an overall outcome…and that is war with the remaining countries that resist the Imperial scum in Europe, North America and Israel.


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