Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UNSC to review Yemen's unrest

The UN Security Council will focus on Yemen unrest

Source: Press TV

As violence and continuing clashes claim more lives in Yemen, the UN Security Council has set plans to review developments in the volatile state on Tuesday.

The 15-nation Security Council announced its decision to discuss for the first time the ongoing unreast in Yemen on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. (1930 GMT), after Germany's UN Ambassador Peter Wittig proposed the meeting.

"It is a sign of the growing attention that Yemen is attracting after Egypt, Tunisia and Libya," a UN diplomat told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The meeting was organized at a time when key Yemenis figures and lawmakers defected from the ruling party and formed a new faction in support of the popular revolution against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Inspired by revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, Yemeni protesters have been making demands for the establishment of justice and the removal of the country's longtime ruler since January. Saleh has, however, declared that he will stay in power until the end of his term in 2013.

Meanwhile, Yemeni plainclothes police forces opened fire on anti-government protesters in the southern port of Hudaydah on Monday, leaving at least 45 people wounded.

Some 40 percent of the Yemeni population lives on USD 2 a day or less, and one third faces food shortage.

The popular protests in Yemen have been met by riot police and supporters of Saleh armed with knives and batons.

According to local sources, the death toll in the country has surpassed 300 since anti-government protests began in late January.

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