Thursday, April 21, 2011

Royal wedding at high attack risk

Source: Press TV

The Royal Wedding is to be held under a severe security control by British police on the ground and in the sky, according to Inspector Ian Fairman.

"You can get detailed images of people, even number plates, and from that the control room can make a tactical decision about what to do next,” Sgt Richard Brandon said.

Ahead of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, police officers have started to check under manhole covers and inside traffic lights for hidden bombs and other explosives in Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

"Officers are trained to be vigilant and check areas where items may have been hidden," said Fairman.

"Officers will be checking vulnerable areas all along the route of the procession."

Hundreds of thousands of people are to gather in abbey on April 29, with many important people and royals from other countries. The wedding is very likely to be a target for anti royals.

"They will be looking at people known to have an obsession with the Royals, perhaps, or people they suspect of planning a terrorist attack, to ensure that security is tight on the day," Brian Paddick, the former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police said.

The country has been under a severe threat in the past months and the anarchists have threatened to target the wedding. The risk of attack is highly likely, particularly after the protestors attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife in central London in December and the big protests that were organized in March.

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