Friday, April 29, 2011

Police warn wedding day protesters

Cuts Protests March 26, 2011

Source: Press TV

The British police are warning that possible protests to disrupt the royal wedding will face “robust” action as officers are set to detain more people ahead of the Friday nuptials.

Scotland Yard has already arrested six people who were involved in last month's Trades Union Congress march against spending cuts over concerns that they may be planning to intercept the wedding ceremony to voice their anger at the government.

Authorities have accepted bails of more than 60 people who were arrested in connection with the London demonstrations on the condition that they keep away from the central parts of the city while officers continue hunting others as part of a secret probe.

Lynne Owens, the assistant commissioner who will oversee royal wedding day policing pledged to face protestors head on.

"We have to be absolutely clear. If anyone comes to London intending to commit criminal acts, we will act quickly, robustly and decisively," she said adding “spotters” have been tasked with identifying troublemakers.

The police are already carrying out “pre-event investigation” and “intelligence gathering” while some of them reportedly appearing in plain clothes at protestors homes warning them against taking part in Friday's event.

One of such activists who faces aggravated trespass charges over UK Uncut's sit-in at the Fortnum & Mason on March 26 said "officers came to my house when I was away and asked the people I live with to remind me that I should not attend any protests".

The Serious Organized Crime Prevention Act authorizes the police to impose bans on any major protest or consider special conditions for any location along the main route of that Prince William and Kate Middleton will take.

Scotland Yard has revealed they have information that a number of groups are to stage rallies on the royal wedding day including the Facebook group “Reclaim the Royal Wedding”.

The group's more than 1,500 members on Facebook have scheduled to meet at Trafalgar Square on the royal wedding day though they have not asked officials for rally permits.

This comes as in case of intelligence leading Scotland Yard officials to believe the ceremony could be hit by terrorists, the force can use the new section 47a of the Terrorism Act which grants officers stop and search powers on any individual without evidence of wrongdoing.

According to Owens they have so far no intelligence suggesting any terror threat on the wedding day.

Scotland Yard is to deploy up to 5,000 officers in London on Friday as part of the strict security measures designed for the wedding day.

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