Saturday, April 30, 2011

British wedding arrests reach 70

Source: Press TV

Police said its officers swooped on two minor anti-wedding protests in central London, adding that scenes were calm, British media reported.

The arrests were made "within and outside the event footprint", Scotland Yard said.

“Offences included an allegation of a sex attack on a 14-year-old girl, criminal damage and 25 breaches of the peace”, according to a police statement.

The statement said police have also banned 99 people from the City of Westminster as they deployed more than 5,000 officers to ensure security of the event.

Witnesses on the ground said the two central London protests were good-natured but police were known to be keeping a "close eye" on potential disturbances later.

About 10 masked anarchists from the Right Royal Orgy Group gathered in Soho Square, while the Red Lion Square group were said to be from the Republican Tea Party.

Police have, on Thursday, arrested a total of 24 people suspected of planning disruption, said the statement.

It emerged Friday that activist Charlie Veitch was being held by officers in Cambridgeshire suspected of planning a rally in Soho Square.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said he remained in custody after being questioned on suspicion of "conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and breach of the peace".

Another 20 suspected anarchists were banned from getting near the wedding as they were bailed after being arrested as part of a string of raids on squats across London on Thursday.

British police also remanded in custody three protesters thought to have been planning to behead effigies.

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