Monday, April 25, 2011

Anti-monarchs to protest on wedding day

Source: Press TV

The British groups, Reclaim the Royal Wedding and Worker's Liberty, are to protest along the route of the royal wedding in the form of a mass gathering to show their hatred towards monarchy.

In a statement published on Facebook, the group leaders have accused the Metropolitan police for ignoring the basic social rights for freedom of speech, since the police have banned any gathering around the designated area.

Considering Britain as an undemocratic country, the statement says, “We condemn these legal restrictions and believe that their implementation and enforcement are unwarranted, unjust, and indefensible, and contravene our basic human rights for free assembly and freedom of expression. We believe this is evidence of a system and an event that is deeply and increasingly undemocratic and which exists to serve the interests of the elite.”

Following the complied rules, the group has imposed legal sanction against hold the celebrations in the public spaces, where there is no interference from a 'dissenting public', the same people who have paid for the event.

“We cannot BE SEEN to condone any individuals or groups who do protest outside Westminster Abbey because protesting in the designated area is unlawful. Nor can we BE SEEN to condone the use of extremely effective megaphones (which are disallowed), beautifully painted placards, remarkable banners or other interesting devices of protest outside the Abbey or elsewhere on the route,” the statement added.

The two groups claimed that they would protest on 29 April against the occasion, since the students in England are being priced out of college and university with the cut in EMA and tripling of the tuition fees. Communities are facing the highest rate of unemployment in decades. There have been huge cuts to housing and disability benefits. Schools and nurseries have also faced the budget cut, and the privatisation of the NHS is about to happen.

“Yet the coalition government decided to subsidise the cost of policing the wedding, and the outdated and undemocratic monarchy itself - to the tune of some £37 million a year,” the statement also said.

The organisers of Reclaim the Royal Wedding and Worker's Liberty have asked the individual supporters to join the anti-monarchy demonstration at Trafalgar Square at 9:30 a.m.

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