Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What is Nationalism?

Nationalism: is a term that refers to a doctrine[1] or political movement[2] that holds that a nation—usually defined in terms of ethnicity or culture—has the right to constitute an independent or autonomous political community based on a shared history and common destiny.[3] Most nationalists believe the borders of the state should be congruent with the borders of the nation.[4] Extreme forms of nationalism, such as those propagated by fascist movements in the twentieth century, hold that nationality is the most important aspect of one's identity and attempt to define the nation in terms of race or genetics.

Nationalism has had an enormous influence on world history. Blah blah blah blah…

Ok, now that I know what Nationalism is, I feel that I am capable of making a semi intelligent comment.

Two questions were posed to me by a highschool student recently on Nationalism, “What are your views on Nationalism?” and “What form of Nationalism do you subscribe to?” At least, that is what I heard and what filtered through to my thick stubborn skull.

Those are great questions!! It isn’t always an easy answer however because so many things come up flashing in my mind as if it was programmed by some television commercial I watched over and over or something. This little video of flag waving clips shows up in my mind as a stream of pictures with a hyper flag bearer looking insane…but then I breathe in deep and take a big breath of fresh air and exhale,...twice.

It’s almost like a tiring exercise to get rid of all the propaganda that’s been instilled in me since I can remember. Once I have done the exercise though I feel much better and I am able to give an honest answer about my real views and wishes.

I guess I am Canadian eh? I wear a toque in the winter…I once wore a toque in the winter when there was a winter. Somehow I miss the 20 feet of snow, and the shovelling, and the shovelling, and the shovelling…ok, that’s me, see, I have brain freeze and go off on a different track…not Nationality dummy, but Nationalism…new paragraph.

Nationalism…(frowns)…I don’t like that word, because it has an izzum at the end of it. It’sz…ummmmm…stupid eh.

Ok here is my real view.

I don’t like the word Nationalism, because it teaches us to segregate from one another and distinguish a difference. The very word divides us rather than unites us and I am speaking about mankind when I say that. When the World stops being territorial like animals in the wild, a lasting World peace will be achieved.

The way I see it is that “Humanity” has lost its way and divided itself up into teams (or Countries)…and you know that there is always at least one team that is stronger than all the rest. When you come up against that stronger opponent, they take great satisfaction in beating you, or your team just plays harder to beat it. Sometimes fights can break out that turn into Wars…What was the question again? Oh yaw…nationalism

My wish is for the Worlds Nations to stop competing as independent teams with steadfast agendas of winning the World title as the biggest, strongest, or the best. It would be a much better World if we just simply pulled together as one team looking out for each other. Share what we have, work on community projects together, help those truly in need, and not be judgemental. Mankind must change its embrace of nationalism or our species will simply perish.



  1. thanx
    just hope i can manage a 20 minute long presentation based on the same topic

  2. Well, try to be creative. I would Use International Cricket as an example. There's nothing like inspiring the emotions to get your point across. In Canada I would use hockey east verses west, and in the USA I would use Football...the American kind, and use a team from the North and one from the South. good luck and I hope you get lots of laughs and an "A".

    P.S. Find out if your teacher likes cricket first. hehehe


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